Somewhere between then and now

Somewhere between then and now,
it went from ‘Mom, stop telling me what to do.
To ‘Mom please tell me what to do.’

Somewhere between then and now,
it went from ‘Mom, you don’t understand.’
To ‘Mom, I don’t understand.’

Somewhere between then and now,
it went from, ‘Mom stop asking so many questions.’
To ‘Mom, I have so many questions.’

Somewhere between then and now,
it went from ‘Mom, leave me alone’
To ‘Mom, never leave me alone’

Somewhere between then and now,
I realized the other half of my
heart was always the person who
created it in the first place. “

Giving your mother a beautiful poem presented in an elegant frame is indeed a very special way to mark Mother’s Day, your mum’s birthday or as a gift for your mum just because you love her…

The poem above is one of a selection by The Penman's Den that creates beautiful prints using dynamic scripts and calligraphy. This poem has been proving popular as a gift for mothers from their children who have been searching for something just that little bit different and looking for a gift that their mother will treasure for years to come.

There are several reasons why giving your mother a poem as a gift is very special. The most important reason is that poems can powerfully convey a range of emotions and sentiments in a unique way and far more easily than when most of us try to write words to resonate with our feelings for mom. By carefully choosing a special poem for her, you are able to express your love, gratitude and warm feelings to your mother in an extremely personal way.

Although the writer of the above poem is anonymous, the poem is proving popular as it cleverly conveys how the mother/ child relationship matures and changes over time as the fiercely independent and sometime hot-headed youngster becomes older and wiser and realises that mum really does have their welfare at heart, is wise and is the strong and unfaltering cornerstone of their life.

Giving your mum poetry is a timeless gift that will bring countless years of joy, long after the bunch of flowers has died or the box of chocolates finished. Giving your mother a poem that captures the moment and the myriad of emotions that you share is far more precious and will be cherished by her forever.

A piece of poetry given with your love is something she can enjoy time after time. It is something that she will find comforting to read when you are far away and she is missing the warmth of your affection.

Your mother will appreciate the gift of poetry as she will realise the careful thought that went into choosing her gift and that you must have taken time and consideration to read through various poems to find the one that suited best – the poem that mirrors the relationship you both share and sentiments that are meaningful and heartfelt.

The poem you choose for your mum will evoke all types of memories and experiences including days in your childhood, the uncertain teenage years, many moments of joy and challenges that you have faced that have strengthened the bond between you both.

There are several different poems to consider in the Penman’s den collection or you can have any poem custom printed for you and this includes a poem that you have crafted yourself that expresses and reminds your mum, just how special she is….

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